Hang, swing, or bounce on the hanging palm balls while they swing around!

It will be tough to stop your child from playing, dancing, or bouncing off all the balloons!

9. Fenced play areas

Our Jungle Maze features 800 square feet of fun.  Stretching two stories tall, this huge structure boasts a number of activities including twin spiral slides,side-by-side speed slides, a tube crawl and many more exciting obstacles. 

Our fenced play areas are designed for babies and younger children. The fence helps to keep  the children safe and occupied while the parents watch and relax.

1.Spinning Palms

6.  Pillow Pool

A new twist on the classic playground climber, the side winder is a spiraling web of fun for kids.  Climb forward while swaying from side to side on the Side Winder. Let your kids take a spin; ideal play equipment for children to develop strength, balance, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. The perfect way to engage a child and keep their minds active and bodies in motion is by providing physical and mental challenges with a full body workout.

At both locations Yu Kids offers very unique event party spaces that can comfortably accommodate 10-40 guests. The contemporary design of the walls and flexible seating layouts  create a perfect full service venues for unforgettable parties and an amazing pictures.

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For children seeking a bigger adventure Yu Kids offers Large Bouncing Bed with a Climbing and Sliding Wall.

8. Jungle Maze

11. Birthday Party Rooms

2. Dancing Balloons

5. Spinning drum

The Blast Zone Imaginary Waterfall Splash makes the perfect attraction for the youngest kids. The see- thru slide with a running inside visible water splash is designed for Climbing and Sliding. Perfect for Starters and young Toddlers

Pillow Pool is a see thru water-filled pillow almost like a large water-bed. Our Pillow Pool makes a great and safe way to entertain even the youngest children.

4.  Waterfall Slide

Kids can choose from climbing the pols or spin in a colorful revolving pillow tube.

The steady Carousels at Yu Kids Playground are really something to experience. These are not just typical merry go round. Kids can safely ride the ocean-like looking creatures  wrapped with cushion what makes perfect slow speed rides for even the youngest children.

10. Side Winder

3. Large Bouncer with a Climbing Slide

We know shopping with kids can be a big ordeal. So we’ve created an kid-friendly indoor environment inside malls that is stimulating and enjoyable for your kids. At Yu Kids Island Chicago, your kids finally have the perfect place to have fun and let off some steam out at the mall. Now, neither rain or snow will stop your kids from having a blast at Yu Kids Island! We currently have over 10 attractions for your kids to play around with, including;

7. Merry-go-round Carousels



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